Everybody is sinecure at shimmer GM in Mendota omoi check us out a shimmer GM.com today I’m gonna show you this. Really nice 2000 Levin Chevy Malibu. It’s a one owner it was locally owned here in Mendota was actually least. They traded in for a brand new one it’s in excellent condition has 47000 miles perfect history with no accidents. Very clean. Body looks great paint looks great. Not a whole lot of imperfections on the outside. Bridgestone Firestone tires. Are in good shape. I believe these are the original tires they should have about 10 to 15000 miles left on them but they look like they were properly maintained which is important. Nice. Aluminum wheels I look fantastic. See all around the body looks very sharp.

2011 Chevy MalibuI do like the fact that it comes with auto start on the key. Actually it was locked. Hold it down. Start right up. Depending on where you have the temperature. And the fan speed of your H back system it’ll either warmer cool the car right now, I have the AC on because. There’s another sweltering day here in Mendota. Nice lights on hid 2011 Chevy Malibu headlight. Let’s check out the interior meant shut the phone bill and see some of the options you get. Has a very clean and good looking 2 tone interior. Looks really good in Siena doors it’s got dark and then up on top it’s got a lighter color has a full power driver seat as well with power lumbar.

That’s nice so get back to the interior and some of the options in the second. Check out the back seats here I put up a front seat pretty far back because I’m a 6 to pre tall guy that there’s still tons of room and they kind of make the seats here where has this crevice. For extra legroom for rear passengers which is really nice see there’s a full power plug back here Heinz 50 walked. Her 20 volt that’s very nice you can plug your Margarita blender make margaritas on the road Jimmy Buffett here we come. As he went out to get you also get automatic headlights tilt and telescoping steering wheel seeking actually pulled out toward you. Steering on a cruise control and audio controls, Society.

Really pretty I center a stack here looks really good I do like this little subtle trim how wraps around. Never to hide away Cup holders there. Pardon the keen. Course starts right up. Paris called. XM satellite radio USB port auxiliary audio input on Star. Very nice, There’s a mileage 47000. Do you have any questions at all on this nice Malibu.