Here’s a pacifica with Chrysler Pacifica headlight bulb out. No the outside ones are your regular beams and the lamps on the inside are your high beams and those are working. But as you can see. There’s. Obviously a problem with this over here it should be on. So luckily this is a real easy fix all she had to do it. I just turned the lights off when you take these 2 screws out. No one here. I want to put him somewhere safer than that so they don’t fall down inside there drive you nuts. If you lose it. And now this is a little tricky to get out you gotta dig your fingernails you’re here. And on the side. It’ll come out.

chrysler pacifica headlight bulbSaid this little clip. This here is. Premise stuck a little on there so when you put it back in to get a seat in there. And you don’t have to take this wire off here. Can I’m gonna take it off just a. Make it easier to film those little plastic you push on this connection there. And it slips out now. These 2 are over. Sleeves that cover. The bulb. Right in there. So I believe it’s a. Counter clockwise turn. Now yeah. Counterclockwise. And that comes right out. And we will this a bit. You know there’sthe bowl. It burnt down so we’re gonna go get. Exact replacement right now. Alright here we are in Walmart chrysler pacifica headlight bulb. Here’s the bold we need to replace. An H7 Chrysler Pacifica headlight bulb. And there’s a few to choose from. There are 25 Bucks that’s kinda most expensive but. Wherever you see here’s a double pack each. And the cheapest one which is what I’m gonna get it that’s H11. Curtis 10 Bucks. Alright this is not hard to do. You have the ball in the socket. There’s this little of metal that comes up right here.

It And that gets tucked underneath this thing. So you would call it in and you might have to pinch it. So goes flat. And then it seated. You go right in here. Little clockwise. Turn to IT cedar there. I If this were over. Cab back gun. This. Word. Took clicks. Not wanting to climb. Yeah. No one at the bottom. In that little groove that I showed you before. And are you. Should be. Send a little too far. It is used in a plastic there goes. On top. Aaron looked closer for you loosen up a bit of plastic goes on top of the metal not underneath. It’s as long as this is on top. Andthen the bottom has that little. Clip inserted in the plastic this of. Wind up well. If none of these holes are going to line up for you.